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August 22, 2008


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Saguaro and Sunlit Cliffs

Saguaro and Sunlit Cliffs

A couple months ago,  I took two friends of mine (and three dogs) down Salome Creek through what is known as Salome Jug.  It’s described in “Canyoneering Arizona” by Tyler Williams.  Arizona Highways also had an article on it a few years back.  This was my fourth time running the canyon; my previous time I’d done it solo.

We started the hike late in the afternoon and arrived at our camp spot near sunset.  I had decided on this to avoid the midday heat as it was already quite warm in late May.  We ended up camping on some rocks by the creek with some lovely cottonwoods across the creek.  We finished the day by building a small fire and playing fetch with the dogs.  Salome is a gorgeous mostly perennial creek cutting it’s path through pink-ish granite on it’s way out of the Sierra Ancha mountains and draining into Lake Roosevelt below. It is a designated wilderness area which means “an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled or unchanged by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain (1964 Wilderness Act).”  Thank goodness for that, because we have enough of an effect as it is.

Stefan in the Narrows

My friend Stefan has an account of some would-be adventurers who came down the canyon with no gear and were ill equipped for the adventure.  I would highly recommend that anyone going down the canyon be experienced with ropes, and rapelling.  These unfortunate people were expecting to be able to jump, and that is simply not a wise idea.

The hike is more of a swimming, wading, jumping affair than anything else.  The water feels good, but some of us (me) get cold very easily.  I prefer using a wet suit and even then I got the shivers. My previous solo visit granted me this image.  This time that image would simply not be possible. Too much water.  But more water means more fun!

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