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June 1, 2009


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This would be one of six first attempts at a black and white image.  Keep in mind, I’m just learning this skill. I exposed this image just north of Lake Powell on Ilford FP4 and developed the image in a HP Combiplan tank.  I have to use icepacks to cool down the cold tap water to 73 degrees.  Would you believe my cold water is about 83-4 degrees?

I’ve always been fascinated with badlands.  I had the luck of having some smeary clouds midday, and while I never make color images in open midday light, I thought the light to be appropriate for black and white.  I like the way this turned out, though there are mistakes.  For one, the edges where less exposed than the middle.  For another, I didn’t turn the tank while the fixer was in, so I got a queer line through the image.  I repaired it in photoshop on this image, but it’s unfixable in some of the other images.

I’m somewhat amused by my desire to work “backwards” from the digital age. I’m looking forward to this journey I’m embarking on and seeing what images I create from this process.

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  1. HI Laurent: I’d get the developing temp. down to 68f for starters. The uneven development may have to do with agitation or improper distribution of chemistry in the drum. The image has potential, but I’d get your developing down before committing more film and critical images to it.

    Comment by michaelgordon — June 1, 2009 @ 4:26 pm

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