Laurent Baig – The Wild Light


My adventures in the outdoors really started when I moved to Tucson, Arizona. I started hiking, then mountain biking, and finally landed on my current favorite activity of rock climbing. As I climbed more and more, I started venturing away from Tucson climbing areas to more “exotic” locations – Joshua Tree NP, the Sierra Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah – and I started discovering more places that I loved to be. As I adventured more and more, I discovered that I wanted to convey the beautiful places that I’d been and make people aware of all the wild lands and the importance which they have.

My passion for climbing hasn’t dwindled. But I’ve found a renewed interest in hiking, and a new interest in canyoneering. My photography has led me to working with a large format camera. This format utilizes 4″ by 5″ sized film and the detail is exquisite when used properly. I work with a digital camera at times, but my favorite images so far have been taken with the large format camera.


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