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November 23, 2010

Each Moment is a Chance to Die, A Chance to Renew

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Young Aspens in the Kaibab National Forest

As I drove through dirt roads of the Kaibab National Forest and saw how much had been burned, much like the Santa Catalinas near where I live, I was filled with a sadness – life was destroyed.  And yet, in a microcosmic way, we are constantly dying and being reborn.  Each breath we take, our bodies tear down and rebuild.  Each moment, thought pass through our mind and are gone.  Just as the forest was renewing with these young saplings, life goes on.  Life is hard, but it moves on.  Stasis is never good. We hurt more when we hold on to that which was.

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November 7, 2008

Maples & Sycamore

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Maples & Sycamore, 2008

Maples & Sycamore, 2008

Tuesday, I ran over to Cave Creek in the morning as I wanted to get a feel for the maples.  I was suprised how varied it was this year.  I photographed this clump of maples last year and it looked good, but further up the leaves had all faded and fallen.  Lower in the canyon, the maples hadn’t even turned yet.  Interesting…

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