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October 12, 2010

Arizona Rainforest

Pumphouse Wash, Arizona

I was chilling out during a monsoon earlier this summer.  The rain let up so I walked about a bit.  Colors always seem to be a bit more vibrant after it rains and I was curious what I’d find. I stood over the edge of Pumphouse and soaked in the fresh moist air and then ran back to my truck to get my camera.  The sun was playing peekaboo through the clouds and low lying mist was washing through the…well, wash.  I exposed one sheet of film and kept my fingers crossed (as I always do) on how it might turn out.

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September 12, 2008

Kelly Canyon Meets Pumphouse Wash

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Kelly Canyon Ends

Kelly Canyon Ends

Not too long ago, I was in Flagstaff.  I’ve often come to this point since the first time I hiked up Kelly Canyon which is a wonderful little sojourn in Ponderosa Pine Forest south of Flagstaff.  This day it happened to be raining and the moisture added some saturation to the image which was welcome.  I’m not sure I’ve made a fabulous image, but I do think that I’ve succeeded in conveying the feeling of the junction of Kelly Canyon with Pumphouse Wash.  I hiked further down Pumphouse wash and got to a 20-30 foot waterfall but didn’t find another photogenic location.  I’d meant to make it to the confluence with James Canyon so that I’d have my bearings when I finally do these two canyons as a loop (James Canyon requires a 40 ft rappel and a few swims). But the waterfall and the rain convinced me to turn around early.

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